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US Economists keep Saying Recession will Happen in 6 Months

The recession has constantly threatened the world economy, and the same thing might happen again soon. Economists are now calling for a recession to come in six months. The recession that occurred was also influenced by several factors, especially by the Fed.

Economists are still trying to predict precisely when the next recession will begin. But regarding this, many also indicate that a recession will not occur. Meanwhile, the economy in 2023 will continue to show a downturn.

For now, the US economy has remained resilient, and this is one thing that is quite surprising. Especially when looking at the aggressive hawkish federal reserve in 40 years, this is a worrying thing for the US central bank, especially in the first three months of 2023.

The latest data on economic developments during 2023 also shows that demand and inflation must be handled entirely appropriately. Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell added that there would likely be an increase in interest rates from the previous one.


So Will There be Any Recession in 2023, and What are the Odds?

"Data released since January regarding employment, consumer spending, manufacturing production and inflation have shown movements that partially reversed the softening trend, and we have seen this from the data just a month ago," said Powell a few days ago.

Fed officials hope to softly land the economy, especially since inflation must be overcome without causing the financial system to crash in a hard recessionary landing. And economists are also safe to say that the current economy is not in a recession.

This statement is related to the unemployment rate in the shallow zone, which is only 3.4%. In addition, job openings are still plentiful, so slight declines will occur in this data. The threat now is the price which is still stubbornly high.

Spending for essential and nonessential goods and services is still very high, and the Fed must continue hiking interest rates to lower inflation. The sectors most affected by this are tech, media, banking and housing, although the others cannot be made an exception.

Furthermore, as many as 88 per cent of economists say there will still be a chance of a downturn in the next 12 months. However, a modest slump is also not a problem because a recession may only occur for some time.

The Economy Has Avoided Recession, and This is a Nightmare for the Fed as It Needs a Recession to Win Inflation Fight

Fed officials hope to soft-land their economy. But Chris Campbell, chief policy strategist at US financial institutions, said they are moving in the wrong direction, and robust economic data is bad for the Fed in tame inflation.

This economist said that the US needs a recession to overcome inflation. Mainly because the Federal Reserve will be hard-pressed without any significant blow to US economic activity. This will also make them miss the 2% inflation target for years to come.

In the research that was just released, it was also shown that inflation data showed an unexpected spike. No significant instance of a central bank has overcome this without a recession.

And the findings show that the US economy needs to return to the starting point of the threat of recession. Economists believe this is because the Fed could benefit from informing markets and consumers how it expects to achieve the inflation target.

But by looking at the improvement in the economy, it can be seen that the economic data is starting to lag, and the market has already dealt a blow.

The consumer market has projections towards a broad economic landing. While a soft landing is urgently needed to tackle inflation, a recession is just as important. It's more because of the US economic variables that are said to be a recession in 6 months, while it shows no sign.



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