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demo Market News

US Dollar Continues to go Stronger Against the Yen

The Japanese Yen must experience a decline in the trading session on Sunday against the US Dollar. However, the Yen needs to be stronger because it underwent a minor pullback despite the quiet market. This bullish occurrence shows significant resistance from the Dollar.

Because market memory suggests that there should be plenty of value, the Bank of Japan keeps interest rates low and fight ten-year yields. The Bank of Japan then set a rising above 50 basis points and started to help US Dollar clobber the Yen.

Yen can also see that the Japanese Yen is getting the same treatment in all respects. The market thinks there will be changes, and this is a matter of time before it reaches the top again with the Bank of Japan.

Multiple times and curve control can get stuck in it. At the same time, the Federal Reserve then makes the market conditions fair.

It will stay tighter for a longer time, which means that the US monetary policy in the Dollar sector will be much more restrictive than many other economies worldwide, and the Dollar will become attractive.


Japan's Industrial Shows Fall of 4.6% in January, but Activity Shrinks at the Fastest Pace over 2 Years.

Japan's manufacturing activity shrank at its fastest pace in 2.5 and a half years in February, at least according to a business survey. The methodology shows 50 divided growth from contraction.

Which was the contraction in the global supply chain and manufacturing activity sector. This then emphasizes Japan's need to focus on its efforts for economic recovery. Meanwhile, the government has approved a new stimulus package of $ 708 billion.

Initiatives to promote digitalization and green energy are the main focus, even though this disturbs global demand. The Bank of Japan continues to do many things to stimulate the economy.

While it has indicated that it will continue to pursue an accommodative monetary policy. It was starting from the low-interest rate and purchasing government bonds in the current economic content framework.

In the industrial sector, Japan's output in January fell 4.6% from the previous month, which was the first decline in three months. This occurred due to weakening demand amid concerns over a global economic slowdown, and the decline followed an upwardly revised 0.3%.

Bank of Japan's Next Chief Says Monetary Easing is Appropriate, and Mertis of Ultra Low Rates Exceed Costs

Incoming Bank of Japan Governor Kazuo Ueda said on Monday that the country's trend of inflation has been significantly high for the central bank, and this considers the tightening monetary policy. The BoJ is now starting to maintain an ultra-loose policy.

"There's still some distance for Japan to see inflation sustainably and stably meet the Bank of Japan's 2% target. Big improvements will then be made to Japan's inflation trend for the Bank of Japan to shift towards monetary tightening," Ueda said.

Investors and traders continue to ramp up their bullish bets on the Yen, and the eye is on the looming Bank of Japan management changes. The Japanese currency has rallied more than 11% from its October low. And it was stated that monetary easing was very appropriate.

"There remains a chance the Bank of Japan will abolish the negative interest rate at Kroda's last meeting in March. This then put a reasonable amount of appreciation pressure on the Yen," said Daisuke Uno, who is chief strategist at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.

The Japanese currency has come under pressure in the early weeks. Surge higher in US yields, and the bank of Japan said that this is somewhat limited. However, this made the US Dollar continue to go stronger against the Japanese Yen until trading this Tuesday.



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