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Former Vice Minister Said that Yen May Slip to the Lowest

The Japanese Yen has a massive potential to slip to the levels that were last seen in 1990. As this has been predicted by their former Vice Minister of Finance, the Japanese demand a monetary policy that can save the price of Yen, and fix the inflation.

Former vice-minister of Finance, Eisuke Sakakibara a.k.a Mr. Yen. He was widely known for his special ability to influence the currency of the Yen during his tenure from 1997 to 1999. That's why he was nicknamed Mr. Yen, and for now, still watches the economy.

Sakakibara said that the Yen was under pressure, especially against major reserve currencies. The market's expectation regarding the Yen is, that this currency can become a favorite macro trade, but Japan must be able to control a more stable market first.

His ability to predict and influence the Japanese monetary economy is what makes many people believe that his predictions are always right. He told Bloomberg TV that by the time the yen fell to the 150 level, the Bank of Japan had done something very wrong.


The Downfall of the Japanese Yen is Correlated to the Inflation that Hits 7-year High

Currently, with one US dollar, one can get 131.35, and this has been the bottom level since 2 decades ago. And from the predictions of Mr. Yen, the Japanese Yen could further fall to as low as 150 against the USD, which is the lowest level since August 1990.

TO be sure, the Japanese Yen weakened when compared to all world currencies, except the Swiss Franc. Japan reckons that the Yen can rebound to the level of 125 per dollar, but some belief in Mr. Yen.

According to one Forex investor and observer, “It would be very dangerous to disagree with Mr. Yen. Although we see Yen will soon rise around 3.25% in the near term, Mr. Yen has an extraordinary predictive ability.”

In addition, the recent weakness that occurred in the Japanese Yen was due to the inflation that occurred there. Investors and countries have held a meeting for intervention in the currency. Because if left unchecked, there is no clear reason that Yen will rise.

A few days ago, it was just announced that Japan's inflation data had become the highest since 7 years ago. The energy market price rose 0.8%, and overall, there was a price increase of around 2%. Since last July 2020, the Japanese Yen has been very stable.

What does this Mean for Every Investor in Japan?

Despite the low climbing price and going for another slump in the Yen market, the Bank of Japan has prepared a policy that the monetary policy will not be replaced. There will be very few new regulations to deal with commodity prices.

Investors play an important role in the Japanese economy, so this inflation case, coupled with Mr. The yen has made many Japanese investors come to the Bank of Japan to ask for complete data on the forecast for the full-year inflation at the end of 2022.

The Bank of Japan argues that prices will be stabilized again, and boost Japan's industrialized economy. Some investors greet the concern and resolution quite well, while there is international competitiveness which makes Yen carries less opportunity.

The Bank of Japan continues to eliminate concerns from the FED resulting in a lowering yield for investors. JPY is claimed to be stable soon, and the Bank of Japan may loosen the economy for investors to keep it attractive and get more investors in Japan.

The Japanese Yen is at a very bad level, and investors are quite confused as to what they should do. Especially in today's market, inflation in the Japanese Yen has become the worst in 7 years, and was exacerbated by Mr. Yen on the fall of the Yen.



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