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EUR/USD Exchange Rate Sours After Cost-of-Living Crisis

The Euro US Dollar (EUR/USD) exchange rate fell from earlier gains after the cost-of-living crisis announced by officials. At the time of writing, the EUR/USD exchange rate is around $1.0365, or down 0.42% compared to the last day, and this could be bad momentum.

The EUR failed to capitalize its upwards and market expectations increased which prompted the European Central Bank (ECB) to ask for further hinted interest rate rises. Confidence in there also shows peaked pressure, and general acceptance is also satisfying it.

Looking at projections for next week, the Euro US Dollar exchange rate could see further movement. Especially after the inflation data was released, the headline hike best slashed. And this condition can also be a resilient moment to strengthen the euro exchange.

Meanwhile, the cost of living in the Euro is indeed very concerning. Europe's retailers hope that the Black Friday discount is a moment to save the European economy. And it takes place against the crisis so that it becomes the worst trading season of the last decade.


Euro Zone Reels Under Double Digit Inflation and Wages Could Keep Pressure for Years

This year's trading season shows no sign of having high-profit margins. And double-digit inflation has dented the purchasing power of customers, and close to the bills, spiraling the cost of living then made their Christmas begin and they still look set to it.

In this session, consumers use black Friday as a moment for delayed purchases and to get bigger gifts. It is also stated that the behavior is significantly changed. And people prioritize things like essential domestic products, there is no strong demand in other sectors.

Meanwhile, global suppliers indicated that boosting sales and maintaining profit margins were what they wanted. 

ECB President, Christine Lagarde, is said to be testifying in the European Parliament today and hopes to improve the Euro region's economy soon.

The consumer price report also added significance same day as the ECB. And the percentage point has slumped, making the other business sentiment. 

The pressure on inflation for the Euro region this time was exacerbated by the inflation rate reaching double digits, and that was the start of the crisis.

So that at moments like now, wages also receive special attention. ECB's Lane also said that the nature of wage setting means cumulative adjustment. And this will help the Euro to survive and play out over several years with a high nominal.

"This means that, even after energy and pandemic factors fade out of inflation measures, the wage inflation will always be the primary driver for price inflation in the next years," said Philip Lane, European Central Bank chief economist in a blog post yesterday.

Europe is Struggling to Respond to US Anti-Inflation Plan, Hoping Investors Keep Investing When Slow Down

Until now, the European Union is said to still have problems overcoming the American strategy in overcoming inflation. The reason is, in many factors, the US Anti-Inflation Plan has a big effect on Europe, and Europe is expected to understand this.

“At first, we underestimated the consequences of the American strategy. But Europeans begin to understand that it can have a disastrous effect on our economy," said the European Diplomat in a meeting with 27 member states on Friday, November 25.

Seeing this condition, the European Central Bank has another thought, which is to set hope that the eurozone must keep investing during the slowdown. This is a method that will help the ECB fight inflation, and with policy coordination, this will be the best policy mix.

The economy of Europe faces a year of challenges and remains united to pursue the most reasonable policy. With well-placed and vulnerable conditions, the fiscal expansion also provides a size of support for the government, and this causes a prolonged crisis.




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